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Kaplan Life's Little Instruction Book
Byte-Size Greetings
The Postcard Shop
INTERnote from Michael's Arts and Crafts Store
The E-Card Shop
Electronix Postcard
Web Cards
Leeds Postcards
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Flashcards - at the Main Quad: A Global Community for College Students
Cy-City Cards - at New Cyber City
Fine Art & Photography Cards
The Electric Postcard. Send a friend a beautiful postcard any time, for free.
Around the World
Postkarten aus Nürnberg - Postcards from Nuermberg, Germany
Chinese Cyber City
Destination: Nova Scotia / Postcards
Destination: Vancouver - Free Postcards!
Make Any Day Valentine's Day...
Tripod's Valentine Maker - Remember those little candy hearts?
Multimedia Cards
Volition Accepts your own images and sounds...
FREE Electronic Greetings From You to Someone You Care About!
KMMC - Multimedia Greeting Cards
Virtual Cards and Gifts
Virtual Presents - Cards and presents, too
The Park
Virtual Flowers
While you're at it, send them some Virtual Flowers, too.
#1 Free Virtual Bouquets
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