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Moose, a wolf from Wolf Haven, looking through the window
Moose, a wolf I adopted through Wolf Haven

Doug's Web Window is closed. It won't be missed; there are other introductions to web sites that are simply better, updated much more often, and provide a real service to the web community. But, the window has served its purpose as a test bed for learning a few things about the ways of HTML.

Though the window will no longer be updated, I do offer links to the the following sites. In one way or another, I have an association with the organizations or the web pages by which they are represented. In some cases, the pages were produced simply as a matter of personal interest.

 [An Unofficial E. E. Cummings Starting Point]

Awarded Tripod's BookTalk Best of Pod

Here's a quote I like about animals.


 [WHOOT Newspaper, Atlantic City's and Ocean City's original and best entertainment newspaper is published every Thursday throughout the year.]
Atlantic City's original and best entertainment newspaper.

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